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The best sunsets to bid farewell to the long days of summer



Atardecer en el Cabo Vilán, en Camariñas.
Atardecer en el Cabo Vilán, en Camariñas. ANA GARCIA

Summer is drawing to a close and what better way to bid farewell than by taking in a glorious sunset or two as the days draw to a close!

13 oct 2023 . Actualizado a las 17:19 h.

Cape Vilán, Camariñas

Atardecer en el Cabo Vilán, en Camariñas.
Atardecer en el Cabo Vilán, en Camariñas. ANA GARCIA

Readers of La Voz chose this sunset as the best in Galicia, and it’s easy to see why. With its spectacular cliffs and lighthouse, Cape Vilán rises 125 metres out of the sea and has been declared of National Tourist Interest. Little surprise then that many people choose this particular spot to watch the sun sink below the horizon each day.

Caión, A Laracha

The beach of this town in A Coruña, which was once a whaling port, is popular for two things: water sports and the incredible atmosphere that takes over as the sun goes down behind the Sisargas Islands. And the Furna Atlántica bar-restaurant and its outdoor terrace right on the seafront happen to be the perfect place for watching the sunset with a drink in your hand.

Loiba clifftop, Ortigueira


Who can resist the temptation of watching the sun go down from the world’s best bench? At Loiba you can do just that, and while the views from this humble wooden bench are impressive at any time of day, just imagine what they’re like at sunset!

Cape Finisterre lighthouse


Once the summer crowds have cleared, autumn is the perfect time to enjoy one of the most special times of the day at the Cape Finisterre lighthouse. Visitors can marvel at the spectacular sight of the sun slowly disappearing behind the infinite sea.

Monte do Facho, Cangas

Javier Torres Pereira

The landscape that stretches out from this vantage point in the Rías Baixas is best seen at sunset. The jaw-dropping views take in the coast from Cape Silleiro to Cape Finisterre, with the Atlantic Islands National Park acting as the backdrop. Already a spectacular sight during daytime, the views become even more magical as the sun starts to set.

Ría de Viveiro, Lugo 


The Rías Baixas are certainly home to some remarkable places, though the Rias Altas in northern Galicia are not to be outdone. Viveiro is one of the most popular places to watch the sunset, especially if you choose one of the many vantage points to be found within the town, which offer panoramic views out over the estuary and its waters dappled in the sunlight as the sun goes down.

Punta da Barca, Muxía

The municipality of Muxía is, in itself, a real treat when it comes to sunsets. Aside from its more famous spots, such as its well-known sanctuary, it also has some hidden gems, which are equally as enchanting. One such example would be Punta da Barca, where you watch the sun seemingly melt into the sea as it dips below the horizon.

Playa de Doniños, Ferrol


A sandy beach that has captivated visitors from all over the world. With its crashing waves, it is a fantastic place to admire the sunset, either from the beach itself, from up high at one or other of the viewpoints overlooking the beach, or perhaps while enjoying a drink outside one of the seafront bars or even from one of the original tourist lodgings located right next to the beach.

Monte de Santa Tegra, A Guarda

Ending the day by climbing the 341-metre high Santa Tegra mountain has its own rewards. Aside from the famous remains of an ancient settlement to be found there —one of the most important in all of Galicia—, visitors can also admire the last rays of sunlight bathing the mouth of the river Minho and the Atlantic Ocean.